Emotional Support Monthly
 Meeting Group

Emotional Support for acquired Life Changing Conditions

Lifegeta isn't just about disability!... It's an empowering night in the company of
inspiring people, who despite the odds are getting on with it! ...

It’s a support network for all types people with acquired conditions + friends, family & carers.

This group provides support from others who may have similar issues,
with guidance from speakers, workshops, talks all in a social setting.

If you’re not sure! Come

IMGalong and see for yourself you’re more than welcome


The 1st Wednesday in every month

Held at The Canary Club (@
Hitchin Town Football Club opposite the Swimming Pool)


 7pm till 9pm

Cost: £2 (to cover outgoings

This is a link to an interview I did on talking

about Lifegeta and 
the Emotional Support Group

(Click the link below)


‘I want it to be a monthly meeting that’s not only social but where
people can share experiences with others that may have been through similar
situations. I learnt so much myself through being with people going through
similar situations to me, I’d like to be able to do offer that experience for

I learned a lot about myself and through self development courses,
counselling, and self awareness, and confidence workshops. So I want to be able
to offer those as workshops and courses to help personal growth. I truly
believe that unless you are emotionally ready, then ‘fighting for you rights’
isn’t going to happen effectively.

Those who know me know I love going out (comedy clubs, theatre, pubs)
but accessible venues in the Hitchin area are good but a bit sparse, so I hope
to arrange a few events that are not only ‘me’ friendly but ‘everyone’




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