Sue is amazing and you can’t fail to be inspired and motivated by her. I left the workshop fired up and with some great ideas to help me to move forward”

“She stayed totally focussed, non-judgemental and asked the brilliant questions that created some profound breakthroughs”

“It’s hard to put into words just how much Sue helped me move forward and I now have strategies in place to help me through the ‘black’ times”

Why is Sue so exceptional?

Sue is an extra-ordinary listener and in a league of her own. Caring, skilled, insightful and one hundred percent dedicated to help you unlock your full potential.

The issues that Sue can help you fix…

Helps you to break overwhelming problems down into bite size, manageable chunks

Real empowerment she gives powerful tools for clients to help themselves

Sue creates exactly the right ‘can do’ attitude and  a lasting ‘should do’ attitude

How Sue works…

“Just like the Daleks I have a problem with stairs and convention”

Sue runs facilitates fun, lively, interactive monthly meetings & workshops dealing with the emotional issues of acquired conditions & disability. Not only for the person with the condition but carers, family & friends.

In November 2009 Sue started running workshops on emotional coping strategies, ‘disability, and how to survive it’ program, called ‘Lifegeta’ dealing with the plateau reached by many people after sudden disability & diagnosis – (please read the ‘What’s Lifegeta ‘ page if you are interested in this)


What is Lifegeta

Lifegeta is a support network for all types’ people with life changing acquired conditions & diagnosis and their family, carers...

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Group Meetings

Our monthly Lifegeta Emotional Support group meetings are Held at Westmill Community Centre (@ John Barker Pl, Hitchin SG5 2PG...

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About Sue

What happened to me In order to tell you of my way of thinking I need to start at the...

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There is life after a Stroke; I’m living proof of it!